About American Meat Companies

From our very modest beginnings in 1975, American Companies has grown to become one of the largest meat purveyors in Southern California, with over 100 employees involved in portioning, grinding, and boning. We produce a full line of steaks, hamburger patties, pork chops, and poultry items, and we make them to your specifications.

The company was founded by Ron and Mariellen Day and started in a small meat locker in Anaheim, CA. Today we own and operate out of a 40,000 square foot facility in Pico Rivera, CA, which has over 3 million pounds of cooler and freezer capacity. The facility also has a blast freezer which is capable of taking 40,000 pounds of meat from 36 degrees to 0 degrees in less that 24 hours.

We are a company of substance, well established in the industry and well rooted in the community. You can count on us for the long run.

Our main emphasis is food service and we regularly deliver our products to over 600 stores in Southern California. We also produce portioned and flavored products for a number of regional and national restaurant chains, supplying these products through distributors such as Sysco and U.S. Foodservice. We are not so large that we can't cater to individual needs nor so small that we can't effectively and efficiently service the large chains.